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The Home Gym Gets a Makeover

Where you work matters as much as where you work out. Like the home office, the home gym has moved from afterthought to forethought in the COVID era. Affluent homeowners are now creating workout spaces loaded with personal style. Whether it’s designing around Peloton bikes and Mirror systems or creating complete wellness suites for relaxation, the new home gym is all about you.

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Luxury Homes

Beverly Park, a Privacy Haven for Hollywood’s Biggest Celebrities

Some call it a desperate need for privacy and security. Others call it conscious alienation and paranoia. Whatever the reason, one thing’s clear: the world’s wealthiest all want to live in Beverly Park, Los Angeles’ richest and most exclusive neighborhood. 

What exactly is so special about Beverly Park?, you might ask. Don’t feel bad about not knowing the answer, because the amount of privacy and security around this neighborhood is insane, and that’s exactly why celebrities want to live here. 

First of all, you can’t just go take a stroll through Beverly Park in hopes of running into Mark Wahlberg or Samuel L. Jackson (two of the biggest names on the neighborhood roster). This ua-exclusive gated community is out of reach even for paparazzis. There are basically no sidewalks, and taking photos is strictly prohibited. But who needs sidewalks when each property spans across acres and acres of land? There is plenty of room for celebrities to roam around without running into neighbors, visitors, or the prying eyes of the press. 

Aerial view of North Beverly Park
Aerial view of North Beverly Park (via Variety)

Because of the unrivaled privacy and massive land plots, Beverly Park has become the most sought-after residential destination for the wealthy. It’s actually the richest neighborhood in Los Angeles, home to A-listers in industries like show business, technology, and finance. But how did Beverly Park come to earn its status of the highest-earning neighborhood in L.A.? Let’s go back to see how this Hollywood hotspot first took shape. 

The history of Beverly Park

During the 1960s, the area now known as Beverly Park was eyed to become a country club-slash-golf-course for Hollywood’s elite. However, in the 1970s, developers Brian Adler and Elliot Gottfurcht joined forces to turn Beverly Park into “an idyllic community of historic-feeling grand estates that would feel like Beverly Hills of yesteryear.” 

Beverly Park stretches between Mulholland Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Coldwater Canyon Drive, and Beverly Glen Boulevard. It’s divided into two communities, namely South Beverly Park and North Beverly Park. They both boast the famous Beverly Hills Post Office 90210 zip code, even though they’re located in the city of Los Angeles. 

Map of Beverly Park, Los Angeles
Map of Beverly Park, Los Angeles (via Google Maps)

North Beverly Park is the larger of the two communities, encompassing 64 homes, while South Beverly Park is home to merely 16 residences. North Beverly Park is more upscale than the South section, boasting significantly higher prices and an entrance on Mulholland Drive. Interestingly enough, residents of the two communities don’t always see eye to eye, even if they’re basically part of the same neighborhood. 

In 2008, residents were embroiled in a legal battle concerning the rights of South Beverly Park to use the northern gates at Mulholland Drive. It wasn’t your usual, boring court battle: among the plaintiffs were famous residents like Samuel L. Jackson and Magic Johnson, among others. The dispute was triggered when North Beverly Park restricted access to South Beverly Park via the Mulholland Drive entrance, citing security concerns. After a long legal battle, the courts decided South Beverly residents could use the northern gates freely, but the disagreements left a sour taste for both communities. 

The North Beverly Park entry gate at 13100 Mulholland Drive
The North Beverly Park entry gate at 13100 Mulholland Drive (via Christophe Choo)

The high profile residents

You know how in some cities in the U.S., local governments impose limits on how big residences can be? Think of that stunner of a mansion featured on Netflix’s Selling Sunset. It’s reportedly the last project of its size to be built in Los Angeles, as the local council voted to regulate the size of new homes in 2017.

Believe it or not, in Beverly Park, a requirement is in place that says homes in this neighborhood must be at least 5,000 square feet in size. Nobody seems too upset about that, given that homes in Beverly Park average roughly 20,000 square feet or more. 

This 5,000-square-foot-minimum rule, which is part of a 70-page property covenant that Beverly Park residents must abide by, is by no means a problem for celebrities. ‘The bigger, the better’ is a motto that famous Beverly Park residents like Mark Wahlberg, Eddie Murphy, Magic Johnson, or Silvester Stallone swear by. 

But one of Beverly Park’s most famous residents is none other than Lisa Vanderpump, aka one of the Housewives of Beverly Hills. A few years back, Vanderpump was living in a palatial mansion designed by Richard Landry, and this mansion made multiple appearances in the popular TV show. The neighborhood is by no means stranger to massive mega-mansions, but the Vanderpump estate definitely stood out in its opulence. 

Lisa Vanderpump's former Beverly Park home
Lisa Vanderpump’s former Beverly Park home (via Pinterest)

Fast forward a couple of seasons, and Vanderpump reportedly decided to ‘downsize,’ moving to a gorgeous Beverly Hills residence dubbed Villa Rosa. Her former Beverly Park palace ended up being demolished by the new owners, but luckily we still have plenty of glamorous footage to rewatch if we get nostalgic. A bit of fun trivia for you here: the old mansion’s façade was used in the first season of Schitt’s Creek

If you’re feeling sad that your favorite housewife has parted ways with Beverly Park, worry not, because there are still plenty of celebrities in the neighborhood. Notable residents include Faith Hill and Tim McGraw, Rod Stewart, Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson, and Kimora Lee Simmons, among many others. 

The priciest home in the neighborhood

All the homes in Beverly Park are massive, uber-glamorous and jam-packed with amenities and state-of-the-art security features. But there is one property that stands out from all the others, and it’s got an equally impressive price tag. Yes, we’re talking about Villa Firenze, a 20,000-square-foot, 13-bedroom estate that could become the priciest home ever to hit an auction. Rumor has it that the jaw-dropping property is hitting the auction block with a $160 million price tag, just $1 million shy of the previous record-holder, a $159 million Florida listing auctioned off in 2018.

Villa Firenze in North Beverly Park.
Villa Firenze in North Beverly Park. Image credit: Concierge Auctions

You might ask yourself, what’s so special about this residence that makes it worthy of such a high price tag? Well, besides the 13 bedrooms, 17 bathrooms and 8 powder rooms, Villa Firenze also comes with a home theater, a wine cellar, a gym, a library, a private office, and even maids’ quarters. But that’s not all. There’s also a 30-car courtyard, a tennis court, a massive swimming pool, and even a walking/jogging trail surrounding the estate! 

Bidding for Villa Firenze starts Tuesday, January 26th, and the highest bidder will become the lucky owner of this ua-luxurious property. So, if you want to compete with the likes of Denzel and the Vanderpumps, this is your chance. You can register to bid on the Concierge Auctions website. Fingers crossed!

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Trophy Apartment Once Owned by Composer Leonard Bernstein Asks $29.5 Million

An Upper East Side apartment that was once home to one of the most significant American cultural personalities of the 20th century has recently hit the market.

The Art Deco masterpiece at 895 Park Avenue was previously owned by famed composer and cultural icon Leonard Bernstein, whom music critics refer to as “one of the most prodigiously talented and successful musicians in American history”. In fact, this very property is where Bernstein — also a lifelong humanitarian, civil rights advocate, and peace activist — hosted an infamous “radical chic” party with and in support of the Black Panther Party back in 1970.

But its famous past owner is not the building’s only historical trait; built in 1929, it is designed in the classic Art Deco style, evoking New York City’s golden age glamour and sophistication. That, paired with its carefully preserved original architectural details (original wood-burning fireplaces and wide-plank wood floors) and panoramic Manhattan views make this residence a true gem.

perfect manhattan views from luxury apartment
Image credit: Warburg Realty

Clocking in at approximately 6,300 square feet, with an extra 700 square feet of private outdoor space, the 895 Park Avenue unit spans over two floors of the 21-story Upper East Side building. The entrance is through a private elevator landing which opens into a 34-foot grand gallery, further leading into the residence’s elegant formal living room, library, and dining room.

With 6 bedrooms and 6.5 bathrooms, the trophy apartment also comes with an enclosed solarium that’s bathed in sunlight and that, just like the rest of the rooms and outdoor spaces, opens up to picture-perfect views of the city.

beautiful solarium in Manhattan apartment
Image credit: Warburg Realty
Image credit: Warburg Realty
Image credit: Warburg Realty

A grand staircase leads to the lower level, which houses the 6 bedrooms, as well as a home office and laundry room. All but one of the bedrooms enjoys their own en-suite bathroom as well as significant storage space in the form of walk-in closets or dressing rooms.

Image credit: Warburg Realty

The building itself adds an extra note of sophistication and convenience; the full-service white glove co-op has a long list of amenities, including multiple doormen, an elevator attendant, health club, squash court, basketball court, and private storage units. Though location itself may be its biggest asset: 895 Park Avenue is located right in the heart of the Upper East Side, on the southeast corner of 79th street and Park Avenue, providing direct access to world-class dining and shopping.

Priced at $29.5 million, the elegant unit is listed with Bonnie Chajet, Allison Chiaramonte, and Tania Isacoff Friedland of Warburg Realty.

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Hearing Colors? Here’s What Colors to Choose in Your Home Based on Your Taste in Music

‘Hearing colors’ — I bet you’re all familiar with this expression already, but did you know that it’s actually a thing? It’s a rare neurological condition called chromesthesia, which affects roughly 1 in 3,000 people.

For people with chromesthesia, listening to a certain genre or musical piece can automatically trigger different color visualizations associated with the sound. 

It’s obviously a rare condition, but for musicians, it can be an incredibly useful tool. Duke Ellington, Aphex Twin and Pharrell Williams are among those with chromesthesia. Pharrell actually stated: ‘I know when something is in key because it either matches the same color or it doesn’t.’

Our friends at Home Advisor had their interest piqued, and they decided to put this rare gift to good use. They enlisted the help of two people with chromesthesia and had them listen to various Billboard chart songs from 10 different musical genres. They did this to see what colors each musical genre evoked, and whenever the two participants had matching colors, they were added to that genre’s color palette. 

Consequently, Home Advisor came up with 10 different living room color palettes that match 10 music genres. If you’re a fan of one or more of these genres, then you can use this guide to decorate your home to match your musical taste. Check out the 10 palettes and genres below.

1. Rock

The two chromesthesia participants in the study listened to some rock songs on the Billboard chart, to see what colors popped in their minds.

The result is a rather dark and strong color palette, which includes chocolate-y and caramel-y tones, mixed with Champagne, Cream, and a bit of Smoke and Black. 

2. Country

Given that country music is all about wooden guitars, cowboy hats, ranches, saloons and chestnut horses, it’s no wonder that the colors evoked by this genre match that imagery.

The participants envisioned a living room featuring browny, earthy hues like Redwood, Tortilla, Laguna and Cream. 

3. Pop

Pop music is usually a pretty accessible genre, so it’s only natural that this pop living room features a mix of prime colors, pastels, as well as metallic hues – something for everyone, basically. The pop palette includes Navy, Jade, Black, Abalone, as well as Jade, White and metallic Gold. 

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4. R&B

The R&B room looks like it was designed by a qualified interior designer, that’s how harmonius the selected hues are. The resulting color palette exudes coolness and chill-vibe-ness, featuring tones and hues like Charcoal, Champagne, Prussian, White, Pearl River, and a touch of Lime.

5. Rap

The rap room is definitely the showstopper in this list, incorporating various bold and bright colors (which is actually eerily similar to rapper Wiz Khalifa’s home in Los Angeles).

This eclectic result shouldn’t really come as a surprise, given that this musical genre also includes a mix of beats, samples and influences. This fun living room features bright hues like Blue, Jade, Lime, Fire, Red, Peach and Hot Pink. 

6. Latin

The Latin room, unsurprisingly, bears resemblance to the R&B room, as well as to the rap room. This mash-up of pop, R&B, rap, salsa, tango, and so on, has resulted in a bright and vibrant color palette that includes Yellow, Cream, White and Pearl River. 

7. J-Pop

This bubblegum-like color palette evokes the ‘cute and sexy’ image of this pop music trend originating in Japan. The palette features colors that normally wouldn’t go together, but somehow they work, and the result is a colorful and young living room painted in hues like Red, Orange, Thistle, Silver and Amber.

8. EDM

The EDM palette is in a league of its own, for sure. The palette is incredibly vibrant and energetic, much like the musical genre it represents. You might say there’s even a nightclub vibe to this living room, which features colors like Navy, Blue, Azure, Gold, metallic Mint, and Electric Purple.

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9. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Beats

This lo-fi color palette works really well for a living room, and it’s really on trend with the pastel hues that interior designers are talking up this year. This easy listening music genre evokes gentle shades like Tea, Cream, Baby Blue, Laurel and Air Force. 

10. Heavy Metal

This living room is the darkest, and most aggressive of all the rooms on our list. That’s right in tune with the music genre it represents, as heavy metal is loud, bold, and focused a lot on imagery — heaven and hell, hellfire, depths of darkness, leathers and metals, and so on. Consequently, this living room features dark, solid hues like Black, Charcoal, Denim, as well as blood-like hues such as Maroon and Mahogany. 

There are obviously a lot more musical genres and sub-genres out there, so naturally this list doesn’t cover every possible music taste. But, if you’re a fan of some of these genres and are looking to incorporate your music taste into your home decor, then this study by Home Advisor might serve as inspiration. Happy listening (and decorating)!

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